Animal Crossing : Lady boy partie ( La partie 1 et 2 sont en bas !)

Alors comme ça le postier à craqué ?? Oulalaaaaaaa !! 

Post-office employee fell in love, oh oh ! It’s not professional xD


commissioned by stcyadams


Isabelle ^U^

In french her name ,is Marie ^^

My dream code is : 6400 3021 4912, put yours if you want oUo !!!

Welcome to my town ^O^ (totaly random XD)


READY! SET! POP! ☆.。.:*・°☆

I never skip a works project ceremony, the confetti and applause is just too cute to miss!


They said the mayor was the most BEAUTIFUL of the world … I thought it was a woman !! 

Animal crossing lady boy partie 2, il faut faire attention au rumeurs !! 

The kiss now !!! KK don’t be shy =P


Guess what game I’ve been addicted to these past couple of days?


This is probably one of the nicer things I’ve ever done. I really like how whimsical it looks!

Commissioned by punchyleaf


Rainy Day at Ark

It is really sad to see Digby standing there all day

Alfonso/Kaiman told me he would like the raindrops were coconut milk, he´s so cute and silly

So i still have to water the flowers on a rainy day?

Animal Crossing New Leaf logic

K.K. Moody Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Piano Cover)

Brings tear to my i. Much love.


i’m not sure if you were asking for more Zipper or just the drawing style…but either way, here’s more of Zipper

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i dont think im gonna finish this but hey i tried haha

D’oh, This already looks amazing. I wonder how the final version would’ve looked.


A walk with Katie! :D

Thank you http://heichou-intensifies.tumblr.com/ for doing my commissions! :D


old and new animal crossing doodles


just open the goddamn door.

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his face though