animated an old doodle



Tiny golden pear.

Thom, i’m sorry. i know you said don’t draw for you but there are lots of reasons to draw things today so shhhhh…. 



commission for ardorus, and my first attempt at making a gif!! thank you for commissioning me 

non-gif full quality ver


we gonna dig some fossils


I drew my new leaf house. Minus the thousands of flowers and trees and such.


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I was a bit late posting this BUT here is the 2nd part of crashthesceneee's commission! <: Enjoy!!

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Timmy for the Animal Crossing Collab!

I also drew Pekoe in this style~

I got a tablet a few day ago, and this is the first picture i drew!

It may not look very good and prolly has a lot of mistakes but it was my first time using a tablet so I’m fine with that :>


I wanted to try experimenting with a cut paper sort of look!

(Also, I love Animal Crossing).


Have a nice 4th of July!

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This is my original game “Hidden Land: The Lost Village”. I started this project in 2011 but only started to really get work done on it around a year ago. It was inspired by Animal Crossing, Creators World, Fez, Traversia, and oddly Monster Hunter

Its about a kid who was on a cruise with his family. The ship they were on and one other close by were struck by an unpredicted storm. The ships sank with many people aboard. The kid was left alone on an island for months alone. After building a raft the kid set sail back into the sea. They were struck by another storm. They woke up on an island with people from the previous ships and that’s where the game begins. It’s full of odd, sassy, and humorous characters who’s personalities differ. Most of them are of royalty so some of them can be quite snobs. The island was uninhabited before the people set foot (or washed up) there, so there are still many mysterious and undiscovered things around. 

This is a Real Time, RPG, Life Simulator, Adventure game. It doesn’t have many RPG elements yet but they’ll show in due time. 

There aren’t many games like that so i decided I’d create my own. It’s a game I’ve always wanted to play and I’m excited to see what others  think.

I’m the only person making this so it may be quite buggyI’ve done most of the work by myself with the exception of a few plugins and engines (credited on the game’s page). 

I make the music, I make the art & sprites, I do the coding, and the writing.

Here’s a Link to some of my music.

It can be very tough at times but the current and future quality of the project always motivates me. It can be very fun making the game as well, even funner than playing it at times. I’m far from finished with this but i can’t wait till its done!

A few things in the game.

Fishing, Bug Catching, Interior Designing, Outdoor Decor, Building Friendships and more!

A few things upcoming.

Expanded Farming, Expanded Exploration, Character Customization (now with both male and female characters!), Better Outdoor Decor. Better AI + More Conversations, And (possibly) Cooking.

Oh, by the way, it isn’t tested on anything other than Windows 7 & Vista so if you are using anything else it may not run as it should.

Also please note that the screenshots above are from the newer version (WIP) so some of the stuff you see may not be in the current downloadable version

Here’s a Link to the previous (older) version of the game available to play.

May edit later.

This blog was originally supposed to be half Hidden Land half Animal Crossing but I haven’t had much HL to post so this isn’t totally uncalled for ;)


isabelle is still the cutest assistant ever !!


zenny & katt enjoying the spring weather ~